Product features

  • Rebar cutting machine is suitable for mechanical forging, hot-rolled round steel, and special-shaped steel bars of various reinforced concrete and ordinary carbon steel in construction projects. It can also cut flat steel, square steel and angle steel. The steel bar cutting machine is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. The machine is made of steel precision casting and is equipped with wheels for easy movement and maintenance. The motor power is 3KW and the voltage range is 110V~415V. The motor speed is 1440 rpm. Steel bar cutting machines are mainly used for cutting steel bars to fixed lengths in construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, large-scale water conservancy and other projects.


100% machine test
100% pass tensile test
Of rebar/sleeve connection
Less than 40 sec
< 40 seconds
Machine cycle, including test
9 nuclear reactors
nuclear reactors
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  • Every connection is proof-tested by a non-destructive tensile test during the extrusion cycle.
  • Standard parallel threads: no torque wrenching required and no risk of cross-threading.
  • Visual inspection of joints is sufficient.
  • Excellent fatigue performance thanks to rolled threads.
  • Compliant with OSHA regulations.

Having installed millions of connectors to date on some of the most technically demanding projects in China, Grace has proven itself to be the reliable, scalable and top performing Chinese rebar connector.

Grace China

About Grace

GRACE is a factory and trading company based in Chongqing, China, with over 10 years of experience in the production and distribution of high-quality rebar couplers and processing equipment. Our range of products includes rebar couplers, such as thread rebar couplers, rebar grout couplers, MBT reinforcing bar couplers, cold extrusion rebar couplers, one touch rebar couplers, and epoxy coated couplers. We also offer rebar processing equipment, including rebar bending machines, rebar cutting machines, rebar thread rolling machines, automatic stirrup benders, and CNC stirrup bending machines.

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