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Testing Facilities

Independent laboratory

Independent laboratory
Independent laboratory
Independent laboratory

An independent accredited materials testing laboratory is ISO-9001 accredited and located at Grace's main facility in Chongqing, where materials and products are tested. The laboratory is supported by several workshops, one of which houses all of Grace's rebar end processing equipment, allowing all of our rebar connector systems to be systematically tested. Additionally, for testing purposes, Grace can manufacture rebar coupler specifications to various national standards.

In order to perform our continuous quality control, Grace material testing lab is equipped with the following modern testing devices:

  • 2,000 kN Universal tensile testing machine.
  • Rockwell & Vicker Hardness tester.
  • Ultrasonic tester (UT).
  • Dye penetrant test (PT).
  • Profile projector.


About Grace

GRACE is a factory and trading company based in Chongqing, China, with over 10 years of experience in the production and distribution of high-quality rebar couplers and processing equipment. Our range of products includes rebar couplers, such as thread rebar couplers, rebar grout couplers, MBT reinforcing bar couplers, cold extrusion rebar couplers, one touch rebar couplers, and epoxy coated couplers. We also offer rebar processing equipment, including rebar bending machines, rebar cutting machines, rebar thread rolling machines, automatic stirrup benders, and CNC stirrup bending machines.

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